So cool and smart.

Roger B., Boston MA

You're like the modern Dr. Seuss :)

Giovanna G., Altanta, GA

"You're doing a great thing here! My new job takes me through the mental health facilities in Northern California and these people need our help and support."

Greg C., Elk Grove CA

It is actually quite refreshing to laugh about it in this way. Humor is often healing. Nicely done!

Nancy E.

"Love this. I have a bipolar father. This is such an important thing you're doing."

Gabe F., Miami FL

Love this. I'm sharing this with everyone.

Anne O., Las Vegas, NV

Way to bring light to so many people who have mental illness. You are going to touch many lives with this project.

Xuan-mai S., Clinton, UT


This is incredibly important and wonderful work. Thank you for sharing.

Christopher S., New York, NY


I am in love
with this initiative!

Lilia L., New York, NY


Absolutely well done.
Your transparency and bravery is going to be a life line to many people. Congrats and best wishes on this amazing endeavor.

Krissy B., Atlanta, GA

Really beautiful
and brave.

Juliana O., New York, NY

Really well done - both design and content! This is so needed, so I applaud you for creating it. Thank you!

Samantha B., Bend, OR

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