with Issues


Shining a playful light
on mental illness to soften its stigma.


Gentle Mentals are anthropomorphic animals with real issues. They allow us as humans to step back, relate and see mental illness without judgment. They carry the burden of the label so we don’t have to. The best part is that they don’t mind because they’re not real. We’re a cruelty-free zone here. 


Mental Goods

We believe that our mental goods can brighten a dark topic and even have the potential to help save lives. And that's because we donate a percentage of proceeds back to the community to support mental health and suicide prevention organizations with every purchase. Get the goods, give some good, and help make a difference. 


Mental illness affects one in four people.

*World Health Organization - World health report


But we
don't really
talk about it. 

One in four people in the world experiences a mental illness. But it's still considered a dark topic. We'd like to change that. What's dark is the stigma that disempowers people to get the help they need; people quietly suffering—or worse, lives lost. We created these relatable animals with issues to lighten this heavy conversation, using laughter as a powerful ice-breaker. If we can speak more openly about something that touches so many, we'll all be better for it. 


Our mission:

  • to shine a playful light on mental illness to soften its stigma.

  • to make someone smile and say, "Hey, that's me!"

  • to make it less scary and easier to talk about.

  • to help create a kinder and gentler view of mental health for ourselves and others.

Whether you or someone you love has been affected by mental illness, we hope these animals with issues can help. By playfully opening up the conversation about mental illness, we can nudge ourselves towards a path to heal. 



We think
labels are the P.I.T.S.

Wait, whaaaa?

Oh, and we get it — labels can be a real problem when used negatively. But labels can also be useful and empowering as well. How so? Well, labels are the entry point to understanding the good, the bad, the ugly. Just words that organize information so that we can dig a little deeper if we so choose. And when labels are used to ignite a dialogue about real stuff (mental illness,) they can be the catalyst for meaningful connection. So we lean in where others tiptoe. Because walking on eggshells isn’t going to end the stigma — authentic conversations will. 

And besides, no single label could ever define us, because we are all made up of thousands. 



We believe in

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. And since mental ailments can be challenging, why not use every tool available to feel our best? Exactly. So here are some basics we believe in.


We nourish to flourish because
the food/mood connection is real.


We tame our monkey minds
with mad mindfulness.


We move our bodies so that
our brains can chill.


We sleep well and plenty to
reboot and replenish.



some more...